So first of all – my apologies for not posting very often. We have been very very busy for the past few days (I am writing this on Thursday) and internet has been difficult to come by (found out today that the optical fibre - apparently the only one - was cut in the region, so if you get this it will be a miracle!!!) – mostly because we have been on the move so much I have not been able to find WiFi!  So this is how I am going to do it – I will write a blog post, one for each of the past few days, and post them. One after another – so you have somewhat of an idea of just what the past few days have been like.

So, without further ado – Monday.

On Monday, Madhu went to the hospital in the morning for a blood test and physical.  There he met the Argentinian swimmers for the first time, and if you know Madhu, you would know that from that point forward, he had 5 new friends :) (4 swimmers and one of the swimmers husband) .

When Madhu got back, one of the Argentinian swimmers – Alejandra – came back with him, and Alan and I had a chance to meet her.  We had been able to connect on Facebook before the swim, but it is always nice to put a face to the name ;0

So we all had an amazing lunch (every meal has been phenomenal!) and Madhu decided that he would go for a nap.  Alan and I took that opportunity to go for a walk with our interpreter Claudia down to the water to search for the mysterious Penguins that Alan thought he saw on his morning run (sorry Alan – they were Cormorants). We did find penguins eventually – in the town square, hanging from a vendors cart, stuffed (well – maybe plush maybe is a better descriptive ;))  

Madhu wanted to get in to the Strait for a swim that night – so Alan and I headed back to get ready.  I wanted some water footage, so I threw on my wetsuit to go in also – as did Alan.  Our host Claudia let us know that we first had to go to the notary to make this whole thing official – so I thought hmmm - great photo op! What I did not realize was that the next 2 hours would be spent walking around downtown with the Argentinian contingent, in my wetsuit, he butt end of a lot of jokes and strange looks from the locals, while we waited for the notary!  

Eventually we went to the water, and Madhu had a solid 30 min swim in 11C water – it was so nice that Alan and myself both got completely in the water (rather than just up to my boots) and were completely comfortable!  Just like swimming at home, locals were stopping in amazement to see what was going on – who was this “persona loca” swimming in the cold water! Yes – they consider 11C still very cold – not just another Summer of 2015 LOST swim ;P

We walked back to the house after the swim and received the news we had been waiting for all day – the swim was a GO for Tuesday!  Winds were looking good, weather was looking good and the tides were lining up nicely!  The rest of the night was spent ensuring that our gear was ready to go, and we had talked through all the logistics that were within our control.  Off to bed for a good nights rest, ready for almost anything that was thrown at us!